It has taken awhile but Maxsys, and in particular I, have just succumbed to Twitter. (Is that too many commas?)

In fact I have just implemented a plug-in for the Maxsys website that sends blog items to Twitter so that any followers (yes that is what they are called!) can get them that way. That should include this blog post.

I have only been using it for a day, but it is quite interesting, especially for people on the move and it is a good way of getting out quick sharp items of information to followers, subscribers, friends, partners, clients, acquaintances ……

Whilst I have not yet succumbed to “I’ve just eaten this cheese scone” or “I’ve just put a book back on the book shelf” as feared (and if I give you permission to severely admonish me if I do), so far for our purposes anyway, it looks like a tool that shows promise ….

Watch for research results when we have trialled it for a while!