Jeff Vance from CIO Update makes his predictions for 2009, and reviews how he did in 2008.

I am already seeing substantial hightened interest in Virtualisation, and it’s only January!  Virtualisation offers some substantial benefits operationally, cost wise and disaster recovery wise, and a number of vendors now have “rungs on the board”.  If you have a need to replace servers, provision new services, or re-architect backup etc, virtualisation really needs to be included in your list of options.

Social networking slows down the enterprise – I have to agree with him here, with the exception of sites like LinkedIn, a professional networking site that I use all the time. FaceBook, etc – I’m not sure of the “business case” for this in a work environment, but maybe you can convince me?

CIO Update Staff also give their predictions for Hot IT Management Trends for 2009.

As IT Governance is one of my particular interests I can’t help agree with this one. See a previous article by me called IT Governance 101 also. Portfolio and project management, prioritisation, strategic alignment assessment, efficient processes, resource management, and financial controls are just some of the things that come under this heading. The economic crisis making them all the more important.

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