It is interesting when you search the web just how many companies just don’t get what a Chief Information Officer (CIO) is or rather, should be.

My point is that the strategic role of CIO, is often wrongly depicted as a technician, or IT manager, or the network guy, even by those offering CIO services.

There are a specific set of communication, IT and business competencies that are necessary for this role and just what is, or what should be a CIO,  is the topic of an upcoming article I am writing at the moment.  A CIO is excactly that – A chief Information Officer, not just someone who deals with IT or even IT enabled systems. They manage all of the informational requirements needed to achieve organisational goals and make strategic decisions. 

I would be interested in your comments on this.

We at Maxsys have launched a Virtual CIO service so that smaller organisations, can partner with a trusted consulting company and obtain strategic IT and IM consulting skills that they don’t have, and may not require for most of the year,  in house.

The service is also available as a service to CIO’s who need another pair of hands, or advice in a particular area, or are tied up with opperational issues and need something dealt with in a trusted and professional way.

Of course we also conduct general IT consulting assignments as well.

It amazes me the number of companies who offer this sort of service but also sell hardware or software! We don’t.

  The idea behind our Virtual CIO service is to:

  • Access top quality executive level expertise when you need it
  • It complements your current IT and Information Management skills and staff
  • It is technology agnostic and outcome based
  • The cost of a virtual CIO is usually a fraction of the cost of a full-time resource
  • We bring with us established methodologies designed for all sizes of organisations

More information on our service is available by clicking here.

I have left the blog open below if you would like to comment on what you think the competencies and skills of a CIO should be.