The ILX Group have a course available for the official APM Group PPM Sponsorship qualification.

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The professional Programme and Project Sponsorship (PPS) qualification has been developed specifically for Senior Responsible Owners (SROs) and Sponsors or Executives of programmes and projects and it is really needed. It is all very well implementing a project management methodology within an organisation, but if your project sponsors do not understand where what their responsibilities are then you will have issues.

The course is ideal taken as an elearning course, as executives can undertake the study when it suits them and at their own pace. The course is designed to take approximately 6-8 study hours.

Here is a link to the PPS (Programme and Project Sponsorship) course material.

The qualification is based on OGC Best Practice Guidance and combines leadership ability with PPM skills.

The PPS syllabus has been split into four separate units to offer flexible half-day training modules:
• The role of the sponsor
• The sponsor working with people
• Identifying and establishing a programme/project
• The delivery journey.

The syllabus is methodology independent and uses generic terms as far as possible. However, it is assumed that candidates are familiar with Office of Government Commerce (OGC) Best Practice Guidance. Candidates should also be, or aspire to become, Programme and Project Sponsors, also known as SROs/Project Executives. These are typically at management or senior level in their organisations who often have responsibility for several programmes or projects.

What do SROs and Project Sponsors in the real world think about the need for training?

According to ILX, 83% of SROs polled believed that training in how to understand the role of the SRO; programme management language; and how to lead in a programme environment, would all have been useful when they first took on the role, according to a survey conducted by Moorhouse Consultancy.

The ILX Programme and Project Sponsorship e-learning course can be delivered via:

  • CD – delegates can study anywhere, anytime, without the need for Internet access
  • Corporate network – staff access the course on a shared network drive
  • Intranet – staff access the e-learning course as a link on your Intranet
  • Hosted Internet – ILX host the course so delegates can study anywhere at any time

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