ITCP, or Information Technology Certified Professional, is the new internationally-aligned certification programme for ICT professionals, independently governed and operated by NZCS, the professional body of ICT professionals.

The New Zealand Computer Society Inc (NZCS) has welcomed the widespread support and adoption of ITCP Certification.

This is something that we as members of the society have grappled with for many years. I remember when I was first a member of the society in the early1980’s talking about how we might introduce professional certification.

According to the ITCP site, the ITCP Certification provides an assurance that ICT professionals are:

  • operating at a high level of competence
  • understand standards
  • serious about professionalism and professional practice.

As a consultant in IT I am delighted that organisations will now have another way of assessing the qualifications and experience of a consultant, much as they may prefer an accountant who is certified, a CA.

Read more about this excellent initiative here, or you can visit the ITCP website at Well done NZCS.