Sound like you?

 Do these statements sound familiar?

“I’m so tied up with operational things that I can’t get around to strategic planning”

“I don’t have the time for preparing the documentation so that the senior management team can help prioritise projects”

“I know that I should be setting up a governance committeee so that the business can help prioritise work and so they understand what else is priority, but I need help in doing this”

“I don’t have time to spend on the relationship management side of my role”

“The business just doesn’t understand the pressure that we are under and the work we need to do”

“I need to write a business case but I don’t know where to start”

“My CIO or IT Manager is going away for 6 weeks, who can I trust to manage the role in their absence?”

“I’m a Corporate Services Director or CEO and I need someone to come in and do a quick review of the IT function so that I know it is as closely integrated with the business as it should be”

“I’m a CIO or IT Manager and at times I need independent advice from someone who does not represent a supplier”

“We have grown in staff numbers so we need some more formal process and procedures for initiating, managing or implementing initiatives”

“I’m a CEO and I have no idea what IT plans we have or what they are working on”

“If IT are going to do everything the business units want then we need more budget”

“I need to get out an RFP or RFI, but I wish that I could get someone in to liaise with the stakeholders, liaise with legal, write a draft, and help me with the tender process and evaluation”


If  this sounds like you …. then you need to talk to us!

At Maxsys we love project management, programme management (lots of things going on at once), documentation, planning, relationship management, methodologies, research, legal things, enabling businesses … all the things that get dropped sometimes when life gets busy.

We can help you put in the processes and procedures and templates too and help you embed them in your organisation.

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